I followed through all the way to receiving my PE license in the state of Oklahoma. All the while, Patrick and I had been building and designing our flips and fixer uppers on the side.

It wasn't until a couple years into my degree that I realized I was not in fact going to be a nerdy architect, instead I was on my way to being a structural engineer!

 As cliche as it sounds, I always knew I wanted to design homes. For starters, I traded all my high school electives for a drafting class at a nearby vocational school. I spent all my free time watching home repair shows and tackling DIY projects in my bedroom. When I went to college, I was convinced I wanted to be an architect but I also loooved math (I know, I'm weird). So I headed down the path for a degree in "architectural engineering".

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And thus, Lovedwell was born!

Today, my mission is to combine my analytical engineer brain with my passion for residential design, striving to create spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functional, sustainable, and personalized to meet the aspirations of my clients. The knowledge I have for how building are built and how they function helps me provide not only aesthetic but attainable design solutions.

I quit my engineering job to start doing what I always wanted to do, design homes!

 One day, I decided "I'm not getting any younger" and it was time to take the leap to try something new.

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